BHR Ireland Tour June 18-30, 2008

The Crane Bar, Galway
                 Grace Neill's, Donaghadee  
c. ni cairbre, Drogheda, "session"



LMFM 95.8, Drogheda
The Balreask Arms, Navan
The Stonehouse, Navan



Knowth, Co. Meath
Mother Reilly's, Dublin
Giant's Causeway
BHR Ireland Tour June 18-30, 2008
Doug, Pete, Patrick, Clark
photos by Allison, Ollie, Mary Swan, & others
Sunday April 6, 2008
photos by Allison Lange
Lenox Square
Atlanta, GA

The Last Great Watering Hole
Saturday September 29, 2007
in The Midnite Room
photos by Allison Lange






photos by

Iryna Gamble

            Clark Ashton
Patrick "Jr." Mitchell
                 Pete Frisina    
LIVE ! @ Graveyard Tavern
LIVE ! @ Turner Field
LIVE ! @ Blind Willie's
Blind Willie's
Turner Field
Blind Willie's
1st recording session at Rex Trax
Decatur Beer Festival
Rex Trax mixdown